At the end of each year we try to hold an end of year meal, at which the club gives out awards for that year.

  Most Improved Competitive player Beginner of the year Spirit of Judo
2020 Eldar Rahimov Jules Harvey
Blue -> Brown -> 1st dan points complete
Huan Cai Stephanie Libby
2019 None presented in 2019
2018 Ellen Nichols & Ben Garforth      
2017 Matthew Hughes Anna Brittain Amartya Deb  Ellen Nichols
2016     Anna Brittain   
2014 Jack Kent  Turar Baltynov  Jem Pitcairn Chris Webster & Tim McGivern

Competitive player

Awarded to someone that has excelled in their particular competitive level this year. This may mean medals, it may simply be improvement in their performance at competition.

Most Improved

Should be fairly self explanatory! A player who has applied themselves to developing their Judo. This could be things like finally conquering a technique they had struggled with or a fairly broad improvement across the board.

Beginner of the year

Awarded to a beginner who has applied themselves fully to Judo since arriving at university. Trains well and works hard in sessions, will have done a grading (or two) by the end of the year. May have taken part in first competition.

Spirit of Judo

This is probably the most 'open' award that is hardest to give clear criteria for. 

Typically things we might expect from someone to be given this award:

  • fully embrace the mutual benefit aspect of Judo
  • works hard in training
  • to applies themselves to Judo
  • overcome particular difficulties they are experiencing in Judo