Modern Judo is a lot of things, it is an Olympic combat sport and martial art. It is hard work to progress and improve, but as with so many things the more you put in the more you'll get back from Judo!

The sport of Judo

Most clubs within the BJA will focus on the sporting aspect of Judo. Within Judo competitions one must attempt to throw the opponent to their back, with force, to deliver a winning score.

Should a throwing technique not achieve a winning score then players continue on the ground to try and pin their opponent to their back or get a submission from arm lock or strangle/choke.

The Martial Art of Judo

The roots of Judo come from Japanese forms collectively known as Jui-Jitsu. A style derived for battle field combat, often in Samurai armour.

Some consider Judo is a subset of 'traditional' Japanese Jui-Jitsu, some would tell you Judo is in fact just another school of Jui-Jitsu.

One thing that sets Judo aside from other Jui-Jitsu styles is that most Judo training is with a resisting partner. You will quickly learn if your technique is effective or not! 

A number of techniques in Judo that are not permitted in competition are kept alive through practice of kata.