Each year Sheffield Uni Judo runs a kyu grade tournament at our sports centre where we expect to see a variety of players from beginners and low grades to those with a number of years experience and fighting for dan grade (black belt) points.

In 2018 SUKT will run on the 1st December.

Enter SUKT


  • Orange belt and under
  • Green and blue belts
  • Brown belts (point scoring)

Stuff to bring with you

We're expecting a number of players for whom this is their first experience of competition, so for you here's a quick checklist of stuff you'll want to bring with you. 

  • clean¬†white JudoGi
  • A valid FULL licence (recreational licences are not acceptable for competition)
  • Zori/shoes to wear while off the mat
  • Blue and white belts
  • Water / Food
  • Enthusiasm and a friendly smile!