The British Judo Association define what techniques are required for each grade.

Students should be aware that when we grade students at the Sheffield uni club we treat the BJA syllabus as a minimum.

You may be asked to demonstrate things on your particular belt syllabus or anything on previous syllabus you have learned previously.

As you progress through the grades, the level of competency expected increases. 

Personal choice element

At each grade you are required to choose techniques not on the syllabus to make your own. That you should learn the chosen technique(s) and be able to demonstrate them on the move. 

It would be nice to see personal choice techniques done with counters and combinations around the chosen technique.... beyond the first grade (red) you can think of this as a requirement!


Your first place to ask about technique should be coaches at the club, however there are a number of resources out there.

British Judo Association videos

Educational Judo YouTube channel

If you're not sure what your watching is correct, check with someone at the club! There are a lot of videos on YouTube that demonstrate techniques .... differently!

It's worth getting a copy of the syllabus on your phone or to print out to make notes on.

British Judo Association Kyu grade syllabus (PDF)