Training details

Unfortunately because of SportSheffield / Sheffield Student Union rules we are only open to students and alumni, we cannot accept others at training sessions.

  Time Place Restrictions
Tuesday 2000-2200hrs Activity room in Goodwin sports centre Graded players or coach invitation
Thursday 2000-2200hrs Main hall in Goodwin sports centre Beginners and graded players

People will often continue to the pub after training for a chat. Everyone is welcome to come along, if you're not sure which pub people are going to after training or where it is just ask! 

Prepare for training

  • Don't be late!
    Be ready to start at session time, not 5 or 10 minutes later.
  • If you don't have a Judo kit (JudoGi) wear loose comfortable clothing (without zips/buttons), ideally covering legs/arms
  • Don't forget a bottle of water, you'll want it!
  • Keep your nails trimmed (both toe and finger nails)
  • Wear something on your feet (flip flops can be bought for a few quid, or traditional zori) when not on the mat 
  • Remove all jewellery prior to training (includes piercings, watches, bracelets, festival wrist bands etc)

Rules of the club

  • Shoes must not be worn on the mat area
  • Shoes must be worn when off the mat
  • Help move mats.
    By not doing you're not being clever, you are going to annoy club mates
  • When you feel unwell / have an infection, don't train. It will spread!
  • Keep drinks off the mat
  • Keep your JudoGi (Judo kit) clean, that means washing it regularly!
  • Bleeding -  Clean/dress wound and clean mat immediately (wipes for mat available by 1st aid kit), inform a coach
  • Injury - inform a coach