University of Sheffield International Student Teams is an event that has been held annually by SUJC since 1998, which usually takes place between February/March. We play host to university judo teams from all over the country, and several from abroad – past guests have included universities from Germany and Holland. Teams consist of six judoka, comprising four male and two female competitors, and we usually receive entry forms for at least twenty teams, often getting close to thirty, making USIST one of the biggest competitions of its kind in the UK. Maybe even THE biggest!

The teams participating in the competition usually represent a wide range of levels, which makes it a worthwhile and enjoyable event for everyone. It also offers the opportunity to compete against judoka from abroad, which many participants may not have experienced before. Accommodation and catering is provided at the venue, which makes the event accessible to those even a long distance from Sheffield.

Aside from the prospect of being able to experience some truly high-quality judo, the event also provides the opportunity to enjoy our sport on a more social level. With this in mind, the programme for the weekend will include an evening of socialising, to unwind and relax after a hard day's competition. This is an excellent opportunity to forge friendships and strengthen links between university clubs, and lay the foundations for future competitions and social interaction.

In 2019, this will be the weekend of 23rd March.